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List of Inventions and Inventors PDF Download

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Inventors and Inventions

“I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success.” This famous quote was narrated by none other than Nikola Tesla.

Have a look at your surroundings. From Air Conditioner/Cooler, pencils, and Laptops to earphones, chargers, and electric heaters, there are so many things that have made your life easy and comfortable in one way or the other.

Since the Paleolithic age, there have been scores of inventions and discoveries across various domains. Through different streams, the inventors faced a problem, analyzed it deeply, brainstormed, and presented us with a solution that made a difference in society. 

Inventors and Inventions List

Invention and discoveryInventorCountry / Year
3D PrintingChuck HillAmerican
Ac MotorNikola Tesla1880 (USA)
Adding MachineBlaise Pascal1642 (France)
Adhesive tapeRichard G. Drew1923 (USA)
AeroplaneOrville & Wilbur Wright1903 (USA)
Air BrakeGeorge Westinghouse1872 (American)
Air ConditionerWillis Carrier1902 (USA)
Air PumpOtto Von Guericke1650 (Germany)
aircraftOrville and Wilbur Wright1903)
Airplane (jet engine)Ohain1939 (Germany)
Airship (Non-rigid)Henri Giffard1852 (France)
Airship (nonrigid)Henry Gifford1852)
Airship (rigid)G. Ferdinand Von Zeppelin1858 (Germany)
AnemometerLeon Battista Alberti1450 (Italian)
AnimationEmile Reynaud1892 (France)
Arc LampC. F. Brush1879 (Ohio)
Atom BombJulius Robert Oppenheimer1945 (USA)
Automatic CalculatorWilhelm Schickard1623 (Germany)
Automatic gearboxHermann Pottinger1985 (Germany)
automatic riflejohn browning1918)
AutomobileGottlieb Daimler1886 (Germany)
Automobiles using gasolineKarl Benz1886 (Germany)
BakeliteH. Backcland1907 (Belgium/US)
Ball Point PenJohn J Loud1888 (USA)
ballistic missileWerner Von Braun1944)
Balloon(Hot air)Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier1783 (France)
Balloon(Rubber)Michael Faraday1824 (British)
Band AidEarle Dickson1920 (USA)
Barbed WireJoseph F. Glidden1873 (US)
BarometerEvangelista Torricelli1644 (Italy)
Battery(Electric)Alessandro Volta1800 (Italy)
BicycleKirkpatrick Macmillan1839 (Britain)
Bicycle TyresJohn Boyd Dunlop1888 (Scotland Britain)
Bifocal LensBenjamin Franklin1780 (USA)
Binomial NomenclatureCarl Linnaeus1785 (Swedish)
Bleaching powderTennant1798 (Britain)
bolt action riflep von Mauser1889)
BombEdward Teller1952 (America/Hungary)
BrailleLouis Braille1829 (France)
BulletClaude Minie1849 (France)
Bunsen burnerR Willhelm von Bunsen1855 (Germany)
Burglar AlarmEdwin T. Holmes1851 (USA)
CadmiumFriedrich Stromeyer1817 (Germany)
Calculating machineBlaise Pascal1642 (French)
Camera (KodaK)Walker Eastman1888 (USA)
Car (petrol)Karl Benz1888 (Germany)
Car (Steam)Nicolas Cugnot1769 (France)
Carbon NanotubesSumio Iijima
CarburetorGottlieb Daimler1876 (Germany)
Cash RegisterJames Ritty1879 (USA)
Cassette (Videotape)Sony1969 (Japan)
CellophaneI.E. Brandenberger1900 (Switzerland)
CelluloidAlexander Parkes1861 (Britain)
Cement(Portland)Joseph Aspdin1824 (Britain)
Centigrade ScaleAnders Celsius1742 (Sweden)
ChemotherapyPaul Ehrlich1940 (German)
Child DevelopmentJean Piaget1936 (Swiss)
ChlorineKarl Wilhelm Scheele1774 (Sweden)
CinemaNicolas &Jean Lumiere1895 (France)
CinematographyThomas Alva Edison1880 (American)
Circulation of bloodWilliam Harvey1628 (England)
Clock(Mechanical)Hsing and Ling Tsan1725 (China)
Clock(Pendulum)Christian Huygens1656 (Netherlands)
Compact discRCA1972 (USA)
Compact disc playerSony, Philips1979 (Japan, Netherlands)
Computer (laptop)Sinclair1987 (Britain)
Computer (Mini)Digital Corp1960 (USA)
controlled missileWerner Von Braun1942)
Cosmic RaysR.A.Millikan1910 (America)
CrescographJagadish Chandra Bose1920 (India)
Crystal DynamicsC.V.Raman1921 (India)
Dental PlateAnthony A.Plantson1817 (USA)
Deuterium (Heavy Water)H.C.Urey1933 (America)
Diesel EngineRudolf Diesel1895 (Germany)
Disc BrakeDr. F. Lanchester1902 (England)
Dynamical Theory of HeatLord Kelvin1848 (British)
DynamiteAlfred B. Nobel1867 (Sweden)
DynamoMichael Faraday1831 (USA)
Dynamo(Electrical)Hypolite pixiE1832 (France)
Electric BatteryAlessandro Volta1800 (Italian)
Electric computerDr. Alan M Turing1824 (Britain)
Electric FanWheeler1882 (USA)
Electric GeneratorMichael Faraday1831 (UK)
Electric GuitarAdolph Rickenbacker1931 (America /Swiss)
Electric IronHenry.W. Seeley1882 (U.S.A)
Electric LampThomas Alva Edison1879 (USA)
Electric motor (AC)NikolaTesla1888 (USA)
Electric motor (DC)Zenobe gramme1873 (Belgium)
Electric stove/cookerWilliam S. Hadaway1896 (USA)
Electric washing machineAlva J Fisher1906 (USA)
ElectromagnetWilliam Sturgeon1824 (Britain)
Electromagnetic InductionMichael Faraday1831 (UK)
Electromagnetic theory of light & electromagnetic waves, electrical frequencies (Hz)Heinrich Rudolph Hertz1880 (Germany)
ElectronJ J Thomson1897 (Britain)
Electronic CalculatorIBM1954 (USA)
ElectroplatingLuigi Brugnatelli1805 (Italy)
ElectroscopeJean Nollet1748 (France)
ElevatorElisha G. Otis1852 (USA)
Evolution theoryCharles Darwin1858 (England)
Facsimile machineAlexander Bain1843 (Britain)
Fiber opticsKepany1955 (Britain)
FluorineFerdinand Frederick Henri Moissan1886 (France)
Fountain PenLewis Edson Waterman1884 (USA)
GalvanometerAndre Marie Ampere1834 (France)
GeneratorPiciontti1860 (Italy)
GliderSir George Cayley1853 (England)
GramophoneThomas Edison1878 (USA)
Gravity & reflecting telescopeIsaac Newton1668 (England)
GuillotineDr. Joseph Ignace Guillotin1790 (France)
GyrocompassElmer A. Sperry1908 (USA)
HelicopterEtienne Oehmichen1924 (France)
Hot Air BalloonJosef & Etienne Montgolfier1783 (France)
HovercraftChristopher Cockerell1959 (England)
hydrogen bombEdward Taylor1952)
Intelligence testingSimon Binet1905 (France)
Jet engineSir Frank Whittle1937 (Britain)
LaserTheodore Maiman1960 (USA)
Li-FiProfessor Harald Haas2011
LaunderetteJ F Cantrell1934 (USA)
Lift (Mechanical)Elisha G Otis1852 (USA)
Light BulbHeinrich Goebel1854 (Germany)
Lightning ConductorBenjamin Franklin1752 (USA)
LocomotiveRichard Trevithick1804 (England)
Logarithms, Napier Bones
& decimal point
John Napier1590 (Scotland)
LoudspeakerHorace Short1900 (Britain)
Machine gunRichard Gatling1918 (Britain)
Magnetic recording tapeFritz Pfleumer1928 (Germany)
MicrophoneAlexander Graham Bell1876 (USA)
Microscope (Elect.)Ruska Knoll1931 (Germany)
Microscope(Comp.)Zacharias Janssen1590 (Netherlands)
Microscope(Electron)Vladimir Kosme Sworykin1939 (Russia)
Microwave OvenPercy Spencer1947 (USA)
Milling machine & cotton ginEli Whitney1793 (USA)
Motor car, PetrolKarl Benz1885 (Germany)
Motor cycleG Dimler1885 (Germany)
Motor ScooterGreville Bradshaw1919 (England)
MotorcycleEdward Butler1848 (England)
Moving projectorThomas Edison1893 (USA)
neutron bombSamael Cohen1958)
North PoleRobert Peary1909 (American)
Optical fiberNarinder Kapany1955 (Germany)
OzoneChristian Schonbein1839 (Germany)
PacemakerDr. Paul Zoll1952 (USA)
ParachuteJean Pierre Blanchard1785 (France)
parachuteए जे गारनेरिन1797)
Pendulum ClockChristian Huygens1657 (Netherlands)
PhonographThomas Edison1877 (USA)
Photoelectric cellJulius Elster, Hens F Geitel1893 (Germany)
Photography (on film)John Carbutt1888 (USA)
Photography (on metal)Joseph N Niepce1826 (France)
Photography (on paper)W. H. Fox Talbot1835 (Britain)
PianoBartolomeo Cristofori1709 (Italy)
Pistol & revolverColt1836 (USA)
Pocket WatchPeter Henlein1510 (Germany)
power loome cartwright1785)
Printing MachineJohannes Gutenberg)
Printing PressJohannes Gutenberg1440 (Germany)
RadarDr. Albert H. Taylor & Leo C. Young1922 (USA)
RadioGuglielmo Marconi1894 (Italy)
RadiotelegraphyDr Mohlon Loomis1864 (USA)
Radiotelegraphy (Trans Atlantic)G Marconi1901 (Italy)
Radiocarbon datingLibby1947 (USA)
Razor (Safety)King C Gillette1895 (USA)
Razor(Electric)Col Jacob Schick1931 (USA)
RefrigeratorJames Harrison, Alexander Catlin1850 (Australia)
RevolverSamuel Colt1835 (USA)
revolverSamuel Colt1836)
Richter ScaleCharles Richter1935 (USA)
rocketRobert Goddard1926)
Rocket EngineRobert H. Goddard1926 (USA)
Rubber (Latex foam)Dunlop Rubber Co1928 (Britain)
Rubber (Tyres)Thomas Hancock1846 (Britain)
Rubber (vulcanized)Charles Goodyear1841 (USA)
Rubber (Waterproof)Charles Macintosh1823 (Britan)
Safety LampSir Humphry Davy1816 (England)
Safety MatchJ.E. Lundstrom1855 (Sweden)
Safety PinWilliam Hunt1849 (USA)
SaxophoneAdolphe Sax1846 (Belgium)
Sewing MachineElias Howe1846 (USA)
Ship (Steam)J.C Perrier1775 (France)
Ship (Turbine)Charles Parsons1894 (Britain)
SiliconesF.S Kipping1904 (England)
Small Pox VaccineEdward Jenner1796 (England)
Soft Contact lensesOtto Wichterle1961 (Czech)
Solar SystemNicolaus Copernicus1540 (Poland)
South PoleRoald Amundson1912 (Norway)
Specific GravityArchimedes250BC (Greek)
spinning frameSir Richard Arkwright1769)
spinning jennyJames Hargreaves1764)
spinning muleSamuel Crompton1779)
Steam BoatJohn Fitch1786 (USA)
Steam EngineThomas Savery1698 (Britain)
Steam engine (Condenser)James Watt1765 (Britain)
Steam engine (Piston)Thomas Newcomen1712 (Britain)
Steam Powered AirshipHenri Giffard1852 (France)
Steel(Stainless)Harry Brearley1913 (Britain)
StethoscopeRene Laennec1819 (France)
SubmarineDavid Bushnell1776 (USA)
Super computerJH Van Tassel1976 (USA)
SynthesizerDr. Robert Arthur Moog1964 (USA)
TankSir Emest D Swington1914 (Britain)
Tape recorderFessenden Poulsen1899 (Denmark)
TelegraphM Lammond1787 (France)
Telegraph codeSamuel Morse1837 (USA)
Telephone (Cellular)Bell Labs1947 (USA)
Telephone (Imperfect)Antonio Meucci1849 (Italy)
Telephone (Perfected)Alexander Graham Bell1876 (USA)
TelescopeHans Lippershey1608 (Netherlands)
TelevisionJohn Logie Baird1928 (Britain)
ThermometerGalileo Galilei1593 (Italy)
Thermos FlasksJames Dewar1892 (Scotland)
Three-Wheeled Motor CarKarl Benz)
Time RecorderHarlow Bundy1890 (USA)
TractorJohn Froelich1892 (America)
Tractor (Caterpillar)Benjamin Holt1900 (USA)
TransformerMichael Faraday1831 (Britain)
Transformer (Induction coil)William Stanley. Jr1842 (US)
TransistorsJohn Bardeen, William Shockley & Walter Brattain1948 (USA)
TungstenJuan José Elhuyar Lubize & Fausto de Elhuyar1783 (Spain)
TypewriterPeter Mitterhofer1864 (Austria)
VaccinationEdward Jenner1796 (England)
Vacuum CleanerIves McGuffey1869 (USA)
Vacuum cleaner ( Elec.)Spangler1907 (USA)
VideotapeCharles Ginsberg1956 (USA)
Virtual Reality HeadsetIvan Sutherland)
Vulcanized RubberCharles Goodyear1839 (American)
Washing SodaLablanc1790 (American)
WatchBartholomew Manfredi1462 (Italy)
Watch (Self Winding)Abraham Louis Breguet1791 (France)
Waterproof RubberCharles Macintosh1823 (Glasgow)
Welder (Electric Welding)Elisha Thompson1877 (US)
WindshieldwipersMary Anderson1903 (USA)
Wireless (Telegraph)G Marconi1896 (Italy)
Xerox MachineChester Carlson1928 (USA)
XrayWilhelm Conrad Roentgen1895 (Germany)
xerox machineChester Carlson1938 (America)


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