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Indigo Paints Price List 2024 PDF Download

If you are looking for Indigo Wall Paints Price List PDF, then you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we added a button to download the PDF of the Indigo Emulsion and Wall Paints Price List for free.

Indigo Paints Price List

Here we have shared the complete price list of Indigo Paints

Product NameSizePricesTypeCategory
Polymer Putty Gold5 KG₹220PuttyInterior
Exterior Interior Acrylic Laminate1 Litre₹437EmulsionInterior
Wt Sealer Primer1 Litre₹192PrimerExterior
Interior Sheen Emulsion1 Litre₹215EmulsionInterior
Exterior Sheen Emulsion1 Litre₹230EmulsionExterior
Zinc Chromate Primer500 ml₹108PrimerInterior
Wt Sealer Primer1 Litre₹192PrimerInterior
Wt Cement Primer Silver1 Litre₹120PrimerInterior
Wt Cement Primer Gold1 Litre₹144PrimerInterior
Wt Cement Primer Bronze10 Litre₹865PrimerInterior
Wood Stain100 ml₹45StainerInterior
Universal Stainer50 ml₹46StainerInterior
Tile Coat1 Litre₹389Tile CoatingTile
Stone Tile Top Coat1 Litre₹347Tile CoatingTile
Stain Block Primer1 Litre₹453PrimerInterior
Single Pack Epoxy Primer500 ml₹210PrimerInterior
Satin Enamel500 ml₹171EnamelInterior
S T Wood Primer500 ml₹109PrimerInterior
S T Redoxide Metal Primer200 ml₹48PrimerInterior
Royal Indigocem25 KG₹965Cement PaintExterior
Pu Super Gloss Enamel50 ml₹29EnamelInterior
Premium Xt Exterior Emulsion1 Litre₹353EmulsionExterior
Premium Interior Emulsion1 Litre₹330EmulsionInterior
Polymer Putty5 KG₹220PuttyInterior
Nc Pu Melamine Thinner1 Litre₹274Wood FinishesInterior
Metallic Emulsion100 ml₹119EmulsionInterior
Luxury Interior Emulsion1 Litre₹569EmulsionInterior
Knifing Paste Filler500 gms
1 KG
Interior Two Pack Hi-solid Melamine500 ml₹188Wood FinishesInterior
Interior Single Pack Clear Pu200 ml₹73Wood FinishesInterior
Interior Sanding Sealer NC500 ml₹132Wood FinishesInterior
Interior Quick Drying Two Pack Pu1 Litre₹485Wood FinishesInterior
Interior Emulsion Bronze1 Litre₹142EmulsionInterior
Interior Emulsion Silver1 Litre₹175EmulsionInterior
Floracem5 KG₹225Cement PaintExterior
Floor Coat Emulsion1 Litre₹532EmulsionFloor
Exterior Wall Primer1 Litre₹161PrimerExterior
Exterior Two Pack Clear Pu1Litre₹955Wood FinishesExterior
Exterior Single Pack Clear Pu500 ml₹227Wood FinishesExterior
Exterior Emulsion Gold500 ml₹114EmulsionExterior
Exterior Interior Acrylic Laminate1 Litre₹437EmulsionExterior
Dirtproof Waterproof Exterior Laminate1 Litre₹480EmulsionExterior
Bright Ceiling Coat Platinum1Litre₹354EmulsionInterior
Bright Ceiling Coat Gold1 Litre₹194EmulsionInterior
Anti Termite Solution250 ml₹90Wood FinishesInterior
Aluminium Paint200 ml₹85EnamelInterior
Acrylic Wall Putty1 KG₹77PuttyInterior
Acrylic Pouch Distemper1 KG₹70DistemperInterior
Acrylic Distemper Silver2 KG₹150DistemperInterior
Acrylic Distemper Gold2 KG₹179DistemperInterior


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