Havells Switches Price List 2024 PDF Download

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Havells Switches Price List 2024 PDF Download

If you are looking for the Latest Price List of Havells Switches PDF then you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we added a button to download the Havells Switches, Sockets & Indicators Price List PDF for free.

Havells Switches

Havells, in its quest to bring forward the best, has come up with a unique range of switches, switch cover plates, sockets, support modules, and communication modules named Fabio.

Just like its name, Fabio is a fabulous collection of switches that give you the flexibility of installing them vertically or horizontally according to the available space.

This smart modular switch range is designed to keep the convenience and safety of users in mind. And most importantly, its contemporary design with dual orientation allows it to fit beautifully without disturbing the interiors of your space.

Havells Switches Price List

Item NameStd. Master Packing (No. of Unit/s)SAP CodeList Price in ₹ Per UnitSAP CodeList Price in ₹ Per Unit
6 AX One-way switch20 N/400 N– NA– NAAHFSXXW06148.00
10 AX One-way switch20 400 NAHFSXXB10167.00AHFSXXW10156.00
10 AX Two-way switch20 N/ 120 NAHFSXXB102173.00AHFSXXW102133.00
10 AX Bell push switch20 N/ 60 NAHFSBXB101199.00AHFSBXW101154.00
10 AX Bell push switch with indicator20 N / 60 NAHFSBIB101236.00AHFSBIW101183.00
10 AX Mega bell push switch with indicator10 N/ 30 NAHFMBIB101262.00AHFMBIW101204.00
10 AX Mega Switch with indicator10 N/ 30 NAHFMXIB101262.00AHFMXIW101204.00
10 AX Mega Two-way switch10 N/ 30 NAHFMXXB102226.00AHFMXXW102174.00
16 AX One-way switch20 N / 120 NAHFSXXB161174.00AHFSXXW161147.00
16 AX One-way switch with indicator20 N / 60 NAHFSXIB161226.00AHFSXIW161174.00
16 AX Two-way switch20 N / 60 NAHFSXXB162291.00AHFSXXW162225.00
20 A DP Switch with an indicator10 N/ 30 NAHFSDIB201327.00AHFSDIW201254.00
32 A DP switch with an indicator10 N / 30 NAHFSDIB321588.00AHFSDIW321455.00


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